About Shanes Travel Blog

Welcome to Shanes Travel Blog

I enjoy traveling and I have many stories and reviews of Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Trips and much more from around the world. Originally I had many of these on my other site, shanemcdonald.org but I decided to take the travel content out to a separate site for now.

I’ll be posting some interesting items in the coming months ; hotel and restaurant reviews, pictures, hopefully a few videos, travel tips and more from my travels in Ireland and abroad.

2010 and 2011 was New Zealand, this year 2012 its Canada so expect some items in 2012 from Canada, UK, Ireland and maybe even some more from France.

About My Reviews

You might notice that my reviews are fairly positive, basically because I am not going to post reviews of places I didn’t like. All the reviews here are of places which I have personally been and they are my honest opinions based on the time spent at these locations.

I hope you enjoy my travel blog.

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