Cathay Pacific Business Class – Hong Kong to Sydney

Cathay Pacific Business Class – Hong Kong to Sydney

In a previous post I mentioned how great Cathay’s Premium Economy was during our flight from London to Hong Kong. It was my intention that I would review the Hong Kong to Sydney leg.

On arrival at gate 71 in HKG our tickets were very unexpectedly upgraded to Business Class. This was a first. I had never been upgraded in over 15 years of world wide travel. This came after a very bad Tuesday in Hong Kong when my expensive camera died. It also coincided with the fact that this international trip was a milestone birthday trip.

On arrival I was in awe of the amazing space which would be my abode for the next 11 or so hours during the trip to Sydney. The seat which also turns into a bed is very comfortable and at this point I was hoping we would be routed into a few holding patterns just to extend this amazing comfort.

As usual there were drinks on arrival and I chose the signature Cathay drink “Oriental Breeze” with cranberry other juices and a hint of Rose water.

Welcome drinks in Cathay Business Class

Within 45 minutes food was served. If you thought food in Premium Economy was good then you must experience the Michelin Star influenced food. Fresh Fruit with a hint of ginger, 2 types of hummus and breadsticks (best hummus I ever tasted), fresh bread rolls, and the highlight was the fish with boiled rice with the excellent oriental touch of chopsticks and the refinement of a table cloth and proper cutlery (no foil packets in Business class)

Cathay Pacific Business Class food

This was an amazing meal and accompanied by a signature cocktail of Cointreau, vodka called “Cloud Nine” – another ‘Must Try’ in Business Class with Cathay.

I was very well impressed by the food and the level of service which also included you being addressed by name…Which just blew me away.

The breakfast with fresh fruit compote and yoghurt with granola, croissant, plus really good dim sum was just perfect. Follow that with a lovely coffee – my breakfast experience was complete.

The whole flight spent in Business Class reminded me that if you are travelling a long way and wanted to enjoy the best food, the best service and you wanted to arrive refreshed, then I would certainly recommend Cathay Pacific Business Class. A wonderful way to fly – an even better way to arrive!!




The Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Experience

The Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Experience

This was our first flight with Cathay since 2010 and out first in their Premium Economy service. We were flying in a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777.

The seats were one row behind the emergency exit and had good leg room and comfortable seats.

Cathay pacific premium economy

We enjoyed Champagne on arrival followed by refreshing Hot towels also. Following this we had Drinks and snacks about 20 mins into flight. A nice start to the trip.

The Menu was asian oriented and very nice. We enjoyed a Cod dish was beautiful and restaurant quality.

Meal with Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

Breakfast had Chinese noodles on the menu m but I wasn’t that hungry and opted for fruit and bread.

The reason I wasn’t overly hungry was that I had I managed to enjoy 6 hours sleep so I really didn’t feel the journey. I do not normally sleep for more than 3 hours on normal flights but the comfort was very nice.

The only down sides on the aircraft was the lack of individual gaspers. (Those small air conditioning vents which you can aim / twist on and off) as the aircraft got a bit hot half way into the journey. It would be nice to control your own air flow / air con. Also in premium economy the route to the bathroom is not that obvious as you pass from left to right you go via the bulkhead separating business and premium economy classes but you also need to be wary of peoples feet in this area.
The TV/Movies were good but since I slept so well I didn’t watch much, just a few episodes of Big Bang Theory and And episode of Fraiser. It would have been nice to have a few recent Blockbusters but that really doesn’t have a huge impact on my overall enjoyment of Premium Economy.

The staff were very courteous and really were attentive to our needs. I would especially combed them on their smile and demeanour through out the whole flight.

I would certainly fly Cathay Pacific Premium Economy again as it is an excellent level of service.

Perhaps next time I will save a bit more and travel via business or first class.

Why Premium Economy is now my first option for long distance flights

Why Premium Economy is now my first option for long distance flights

I enjoy a regular long haul holiday, in the past heading to places like Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. On our initial holidays we used the economy option and I recall one particular flight, about 5 hours after take off, I awoke somewhere over Russia to find the whole left side of my body had almost gone numb, as I had fallen asleep in an twisted foetal position against the window bulkhead.

Most modern airliners are comfortable these days but in economy class I often find it hard to sleep or even get comfortable. When booking with our travel agents, Trailfinders, I was given the option of Premium Economy. I thought it would be very expensive but for the relative change in price, it is actually a very nice step up. After-all not everyone can go Business or First Class. (I did price those options but for us it was just that bit too high.)

Why Book premium Economy?

Our previous Premium Economy flights were with Qantas, and that includes a private cabin of between 32 and 40 seats, dedicated flight attendants, extra legroom, lots of room near your seat for storage, larger seats which recline more than economy, complimentary sparkling wine when you board, continuous refreshment service and self-serve bars, available on the Qantas A380 and refurbished B747 aircraft … and much more. I was totally amazed at the level of service !!

Premium Economy with Qantas Airlines

On arrival at your seat… Premium Economy with Qantas Airlines – April 17 2011 ; Airbus A380

We really enjoyed it and I got about 6 hours sleep on the London – Singapore flight.

My Travel in 2014 – Premium Economy again!

This year we fly with Cathay Pacific, London Heathrow to Hong Kong, then Hong Kong to Sydney, then Auckland to Hong Kong and then Hong Kong to London – all of which are Premium Economy. I will be adding a blog about that as I have heard that the Cathay experience is amazing. They recently were voted the “Worlds Best Airline” so congrats to the Cathay family on that one !

We were to fly with Cathay to Bali in 2002 but the Bali bombings occurred 28 days before we flew so that was cancelled, but we later flew with Cathay to Hong Kong in 2010 for our honeymoon. Therefore I am very much looking forward to being on board the very nicely liveried Cathay 777’s in Premium Economy style.

If you have any questions about my experiences with Premium Economy please drop me a comment below.

Please check back soon for Part 2 to this blog post – The Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Experience